Agent Services for Brokerages

Agent Services for Brokerages

Become a CPros Partner

When you add CPros to your Brokerage, you're giving your agents a competitive edge and creating a new revenue stream for your office!

While there are several ways we can partner with your office, they all involve a dedicated Owner/Operator for your agents who is streamlining the compliance and reporting for your entire brokerage. Our Owner/Operators are seasoned professionals whose primary goal it is to integrate and provide services within the office and operate the proprietary CPros systems and tools that streamline Transaction Management, Listing Coordination, Compliance and overall communication – all while maintaining an exceptional level of service for your agents and their clients.


Zero upfront cost

3 Prong Joint Venture Model

This is the most integrated way to partner with Conveyance Pros. We completely custom tailor an in-house Agent Services department for your office. We bring in and train a dedicated Owner/Operator, who has ownership from day one – ensuring there is always a professional driving the growth of the business. Typically our JVs can add $50-$150k each year in profits to your office – all while increasing agent satisfaction, helping with recruiting, and streamlining your office’s compliance standards. 

Grow Your Business

Services Agreement Model

Not ready to launch a whole new business with us, but still need our services? No Problem! We can create a specific marketing service agreement tailored to your office’s needs. We will still be able to give your agents a dedicated Operator, and help streamline the office’s compliance, giving the leaders of your office a live Big Board to keep track of all of the transaction their agents are working on. While there isn’t equity ownership in this model, there is profit sharing, which can add thousands of dollars each year in passive income to your bottom line!

Committment to Excellence

Impeccable Service

The CPros Crew is committed to treating your clients, agents, vendors, and other contacts with the same exceptional level of service you would. We know we’re your face on the front line of the transaction and we take that responsibility seriously.
We can co-brand all of our services to your brokerage so that your agents know the depths you go to help them build their business. 
You will have an open level of communication with the Operators working with your agents, as well as dedicated support from our executive team.


Transaction Management

Transaction Management

Listing Coordination

Listing Coordination


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