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Business Blueprint - with some of the best trainers, coaches, systems, and accountability tools in the industry - can help you double or triple your business this year!

We believe every agent needs 3 things to be successful:

  1. A Support Network – A team of people to cheer you on, share in your goals, and encourage you
  2. Accountability – Clear goals and systems, and the people to help hold you to them
  3. Systems – Procedures and processes to help you run an efficient business that attracts clients
How Does it Work?

With CPros Business Blueprint, each week you’ll meet with the same small group of business owners (no more than 10) from across different brokerages. Your Pod will consist of similarly experienced agents who will share their best practices and struggles, providing an objective support group in what can be one of the lonliest industries.


Each POD meeting you’ll spend 30 minutes with an experienced Real Estate mentor exploring a specific business or sales principle in a way that allows you to take away steps to grow and improve your business (that you can implement immediately). Then spend 30 minutes reporting on your goals and numbers – providing consistent accountability to your goals week after week!


How Do Sign Ups/POD Assignments Work?
Once you complete the registration for CPros Business Blueprint, (you elect availability during registration), you will be assigned to a POD with up to 10 other similarly experienced agents from all different brokerages. It will take 10-20 days to receive your POD assignment, depending on when you register (new PODS launch every couple of weeks).


What We'll Cover

Weeks 1-4: Business Planning

Build Your Foundation

Business Planning

From mindset to how you structure your business, there is a lot to cover when it comes to the foundation of your business. We spend the first month of our time together building out or revamping your annual goals, the plan to achieve them, and setting up the tools and tech you need to be successful.

Weeks 17-20: Branding & Marketing

Sell Your Vision

Branding & Marketing

Developing your brand is key to creating a long term growth strategy. Learn the steps to brand development, as well as key marketing strategies for lead generation, which platforms are worth your time and money, and more.Then, build it with the help of your accountability team and mentor.

Weeks 5-16: Drive Sales

Buyers, Sellers & Investors

Drive Sales

Finding leads across these groups share some similarities, but there are some pretty large differences too. Each group has its own path from introduction to close and each month you'll delve into the intricacies of one of them to develop your own strategies for targeting these segments.l.

Weeks 21-24: Systems & Processes

Make it Work

Systems & Processes

Creating systems that help to run your business for you will leave you with more free time to prospect - or to spend outside of your business. And, as you grow, training administrative staff and any team members you bring on to use these systems means your business will run smoothly no matter how large you get.